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pecron S1500 Portable Power Station

pecron S1500 Portable Power St...

pecron Q2000S Portable Power Station

pecron Q2000S Portable Power S...

pecron H800 Portable Power Station

pecron H800 Portable Power Sta...

pecron S200 Portable Power Station

pecron S200 Portable Power Sta...

pecron S400 Portable Power Station

pecron S400 Portable Power Sta...

pecron B500 Portable Power Station

pecron B500 Portable Power Sta...

pecron P1000-II Portable Power Station

pecron P1000-II Portable Power...

pecron T6000 Portable Power

pecron T6000 Portable Power


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Established in June 2012, Shenzhen Pecron Technology Co.,ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales of AC and DC mobile power products. Since its establishment, the company has launched a variety of AC and DC mobile power products to effectively solve various outdoor operations and emergency power needs in various industries. At present, the company owns a series of products, including: AC and DC mobile power, lithium battery UPS backup power, solar charging system, inverter power, automotive emergency start power, solar LED lighting and other energy-saving products.

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